STEROID “Anabolic Sterol blend”

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Natural steroid

What is STEROID “Anabolic Sterol blend”

STEROID “Anabolic sterol blend” is a natural formula with plant sterols, steroidal saponins and ecdysteroids. Sterols occur naturally in plants, animals, fungi and some bacteria and have powerful properties on plants, animals and humans. The most well-known effect of sterols is that they are able to reduce cholesterol. However, there are also plant sterols that can be very beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders. STEROID “Anabolic sterol blend” contains 4 ingredients that have strong effects on the body and can help you achieve your goals. This formula contains the 2 most powerful and popular ecdysteroids on the market, namely Ajuga Turkestanica and Beta ecdysterone. Ecdysteroids are plant substances that have an anabolic effect on the body. In addition, we have also added Fenugreek extract and Maca extract to this formula. These ingredients have long proven themselves in this field and together with Ajuga turkestanica and beta ecdysterone, they provide a powerful effect that guarantees good results!

Why STEROID “Anabolic Sterol blend”

Do you feel like you’re not getting any further in the gym and not making any progress? Then STEROID “Anabolic sterol blend” can offer a solution. You will be amazed at how easily you progress and what steps you can make in the gym! Nowadays, many athletes and bodybuilders quickly turn to synthetic resources for more muscle growth and strength, but of course there are also many negative and harmful side effects. STEROID “Anabolic sterol blend” can provide the ideal solution as an alternative to these synthetic agents. The effects will become clearly noticeable after a week and this will continue to increase. You have to take this product as a cure of at least 4 weeks, but this can easily be extended to 8 or 10 weeks. This product is suitable for anyone who wants to get more out of their training and body. Or for those who are looking for an alternative to synthetic resources, which actually works.



  • High doses
  • No side effects
  • Natural product
  • Powerful physical effects
  • Contains no added substances
  • Helps you achieve your goals
  • Alternative to synthetic agents

Usage advice

Recommended use:
Take 2 servings per day. 1 serving at breakfast and 1 serving at dinner. 1 dose consists of 2 capsules.

60 doses

Serving size:
1 dose contains 1100 mg. (2 capsules)

This is a dietary supplement. This product is not a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Close tightly and store in a dark, dry place and out of the reach of children. Not suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do not exceed daily dose.

3 reviews for STEROID “Anabolic Sterol blend”

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  1. Ruud Heuseveldt

    Zeer tevreden met het product . Ga als een jekko in die sportschool

  2. John H.

    Goed product, doet wat het moet doen

  3. Jaap

    Goed product, 3 in de morgen en 3 met avond eten.
    Na twee weken; meer kracht, meer drive en lijkt dat je meer kcal kan eten zonder vetter te worden.
    Handig in capsules, geen gekloot met poeders.

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