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Sportpoeders.nl is a webshop where you can buy sports supplements, plant extracts, nutraceuticals and nootropics in the pure form. There are no unnecessary substances added to our products like sugars or flavours.

All our supplements come directly from the manufacturer / supplier. This way, we have total control and we can be sure that the products meet our strict requirements. All products come from certified suppliers who work according to the correct guidelines and have the right certificates. We have set a strict selection procedure for suppliers to ensure the best quality.

Because the prices of sportpoeders.nl are very competetive, people may think that our quality will be lower than the bigger supplements shops. This is certainly not the case.

We will give you some examples, how it is possible for us to achieve such low prices.
• We buy directly from the manufacturer / supplier.
• Smaller profit margins are used.
• We do not have huge discounts.
• No free products or samples with small orders.

This way, it is possible for sportpoeders.nl to compete with the bigger supplements shops and we do not have to compromise on the quality.

We will regularly add new products to our assortment. Are you interested in a particular product? Let us know and it will be noted. If there is a lot of demand for a particular product, then we may add this product to our assortment!

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