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In our privacy policy, you can easily see how we handle your personal information and what happens with this data. Our privacy policy complies with the renewed AVG privacy legislation and applies to this website and our social media channels.


SAFETY DATA uses security techniques to prevent loss, theft or any other damage to information and personal data. Our website has an SSL certificate, which means that all data is encrypted. In this way, data can be sent securely and it is not possible to view the data if it is intercepted / stolen.



All personal data provided to us or collected by us will be kept strictly confidential and secure. Your data will not be lent, rented or sold, or made public in any way. The information you provide to or collected by us is treated with the utmost care.



IP ADDRESS: An IP address is also seen as personal data, but we can only identify the information of the used equipment and not the user. We use your IP address for processing problems with servers and for the administration of our site. An IP address is also used to recognize visitors to our site, but here only the equipment is recognized and not the visitor himself.

COOKIES: Our website uses analytical and functional cookies. Analytical cookies keep track of various visitor statistics, with the aim of improving the website and services offered. Functional cookies are necessary, for example, to log in as a registered customer and to remember the products that are placed in the shopping basket. These cookies are intended to allow different functions of the site to function properly. These cookies do not constitute a danger to privacy and we do not need permission for this either. Anyone can set their computer or mobile device in such a way that no cookies are accepted, but then websites do not work as it should or not at all.

PERSONAL ACCOUNT: Everyone can create their own account on our website. While registering your personal account, various personal details are required for the user account. In the personal account, for example, all your orders are saved, so that they can easily be retrieved or to be re-ordered. You can also pay faster with a personal account, because the shipping details are already stored and you do not have to fill them with every order.

NEWSLETTER: Everyone can sign up for our newsletter, in which we keep you informed of news, promotions and discounts. The newsletter is sent by e-mail, so here we need your e-mail address. You will not receive an e-mail if you have not given permission for this. If you do not want to receive a newsletter any more, you can cancel this in your own account. Each newsletter also contains a link with the possibility to unsubscribe.

ORDERING DELIVERY: In order to deliver the order, we need different data. Think of your name, e-mail, address details and telephone number. We will also share some of this information with the transport company, because they need this information to deliver the order. Via the e-mail we can keep you informed about the status of the order. The telephone number can possibly be used to contact you when problems arise with the delivery.

REVIEWS: We are of course very happy with reviews on our products and messages. You decide for yourself which data you make public when you post a review. You can adjust or delete the review at any time. You can also ask us about this and we will adjust or delete the message.

POLL: Sometimes we use a poll, in which we ask or discuss different things. When you participate, your data will be saved to view the results. When the goal of the poll is reached, the personal data will be anonymised and we will only keep the votes and results.

SOCIAL MEDIA: You can also contact us via social media. When you post a public message on our page, it will be visible for everyone. If you do not want your message to be visible, you can delete the message yourself or ask us to do it. You can also contact us via social media. Your data will then be saved and we need this to be able to respond. This data is not saved longer than necessary.

PAYMENT DETAILS: All payments are made via a secure connection with your bank. We have no insight into sensitive details of your bank account. We will hear from the payment provider whether the payment has been successful, postponed or canceled and how the payment has been made.

FRAUD PREVENTION: It can happen that fraud is committed in any way. We will investigate fraud cases and need personal information for the investigation. We can also share this information with government agencies, if necessary.

We use different retention periods for the personal data that is stored. If you want to read more about this, read on here.



The new AVG privacy legislation is valid throughout the European Union. It strengthens the position of persons whose data are processed. They get more rights and the existing rights are strengthened. These are the most important and new rights that may apply to our customers;

Right to data portability: At the request of a registered customer or other data controller, we can transfer certain digital data to another organization.

Right of access data: This means that a registered customer can make a request to view the data we hold.

Right to forgetfulness: A registered customer can submit a request to delete his personal data. This generally only happens when you are no longer a customer and will no longer use our services.

A request must be submitted by e-mail or fill in the contact form. We will process a request within 4 weeks, unless the request is so complex that we need more time for this.

* We have drawn up this privacy policy as completely as possible. If you have any questions about this, you can use the contact form or send us an e-mail.

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