Order not received

Order not received

Unfortunately, it can happen sometimes that the delivery of a package is delayed, a package goes missing during the sorting process of the carrier or during transport. Since we have been dealing with the covid-19 virus, much more online orders are being placed and a huge number of packages are processed and transported by the carriers every day. As a result, more mistakes are made and more parcels go missing.

Orders placed before 18.30 pm. will be shipped by us the same day with regular shipping methods. DHL express shipments must be placed before 15.30 pm.  Due to the increased online orders, it has become very difficult for carriers to deliver a package within the estimated delivery time. We hope you understand this situation and if possible try to place your order a little earlier. This prevents disappointments.


Missing parcel procedure

If the package has not been delivered in time, you can contact us. We will then make inquiries with the carrier and can initiate an investigation if necessary. The carrier will then investigate your shipment to find out what happened and to find out where the package has gone. Such an investigation is not completed in 1 day and can take up to a week. In some cases, the carrier will ask if the customer can fill in a number of questions. These questions are on an official form, which must be completed and signed by the customer. This is necessary for the investigation and with this we can possibly file a claim for a missing package.

When a shipment turns out to be definitely missing, we will resend the order or we will refund the amount to your account. Fortunately, the missing package is sometimes found and then it is still delivered to the delivery address. That is why we must first wait for the results of the investigation before we resend or refund the order. If you do not want to wait for the investigation because you want to receive the product as soon as possible, it is more sensible to place an order again. When the investigation is completed and the package is definitely missing, we will refund the amount.

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