Shipping information


We offer various shipping options and work together with DHL. You can order until 6.30 pm, so that your package is shipped the same day.

Pick-up location: 

Would you rather pick up the package at a collection point, when it suits you? This is easy with the DHL service point shipping method. You can choose your pick-up point yourself during the checkout process.

Mailbox package:

We also offer the option to send small orders as a letterbox package. Your order must therefore fit through the letterbox. A letterbox package can contain a maximum of 250 grams and no pre workout or capsule jars. We will cancel and refund orders over 250 grams as it does not fit in a letterbox box.

Missed delivery:

If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the delivery person will take it to a pick-up location. The delivery person leaves a note in the letterbox with the collection location stated. Take your identification and the note of the missed delivery to the pick-up point, otherwise you will not receive the package. Your package will remain here for at least 7 days and then it will be returned to us.

Track package:

Each package is provided with a Track & Trace code, with which you can monitor the expected delivery yourself. When the packages have been sent, you will receive an email with the track and trace information. If you have not received an email, please check the spam filter. Many emails are unfortunately blocked by the spam filter.

Shipping information and shipping costs:

Below you will find the different shipping options per carrier and associated shipping conditions and delivery conditions.

Unfortunately, it is possible that the delivery of a package is delayed by the carrier. This can have various causes and we have no influence on this. If your order is not delivered the next day, please wait until the next day. If it is not delivered the next day, please contact us and we will immediately contact the carrier.