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Pure Theobromine powder

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What is Theobromine

Theobromine is a natural alkaloid, which belongs in the same family as caffeine. Theobromine is found in various plants, but the highest concentration is found in the cocoa bean. It is one of the most important active substances that can be found in the cocoa bean. Other important alkaloids from the cocoa bean are Caffeine and Phenylethylamine. Theobromine belongs to the Methylxanthines, just like caffeine. It has a similar effect to caffeine, but Theobromine has a longer duration of action. The effects will last longer and are therefore not suitable for taking in the evening. It is primarily known as a booster, but scientific studies have revealed even more beneficial properties.

Why Theobromine

Theobromine is very suitable as an alternative to caffeine. When you regularly use caffeine or drink coffee, the body builds up a tolerance. This reduces the effects and you need more to get the desired effect. With a caffeine tolerance, it may be wise to use something else such as Theobromine or Guarana extract. In this way, the body builds up a tolerance less quickly and you experience the full effects. Theobromine fits perfectly in a pre-workout formula, but can also be used as a separate product. It offers various benefits to athletes, students, during long working days or during a diet. Unfortunately we can not mention anything about the operation of this product. Fortunately, there is enough information about this product on the internet.


  • No “crash”
  • Pure product
  • Alternative to caffeine
  • Doesn’t give you the jitters
  • Effects last longer than with caffeine
  • Good alternative when you have a caffeine tolerance

Supplement facts

Recommended usage:
Take 2 – 5 doses per day. Mix in 250 ml. water or fruit juice. Works best on an empty stomach

Serving size:
Take 2 – 5 doses per day. Mix in 250 ml. water or fruit juice. Works best on an empty stomach.

This is a nutritional supplement and not intended to replace a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed daily dosage. When you start using supplements, first consult your doctor in case of medication use. Do not use during pregnancy or lactating.

Nutritional information

Ingredients: Theobromine

Allergenes: Free from allergenes

Vegetarian: Suited for vegetarians and vegansIngredients: Theobromine

Allergenes: Free from allergenes

Vegetarian: Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


45 reviews for Theobromine powder

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Based on 45 reviews
  1. Lizzy

    Gebruik dit als ik lange studie dagen heb. Helpt me zeker om langer fit te blijven en wordt minder snel afgeleid. Alleen wel een nadeel dat ik het niet in de avond kan gebruiken, want heb dan moeite met in slaap vallen.

  2. Rok

    Also great

  3. Kees Beitsma

    Goed product,net en praktisch verpakt.

  4. Juan

    Powerful product. Best quality.

  5. Roberto

    Perfect purity and quality!!!!

  6. Peter Veiler


  7. Anoniem

    Goede stim

  8. Adam B.

    All good!

  9. Cedric

    Milder maar werkt langer dan cafeine. Ideaal om 250mg met 1500mg l-tyrosine te mengen in een suikervrije frisdrank naar keuze. Dan krijg je een subtieler effect, en heb je eigenlijk een Red Bull gemaakt.

    Ik zou het mooi vinden moest sportpoeders theacrine (langwerkende vorm van cafeine, milder, geen hartkloppingen) in België en Nederland kan brengen want is momenteel enkel via s

  10. Vivien

    Seems to do what expected

  11. Vincent van Tuijl

    subtieler dan caffeine, vrolijk en energiek maar tegelijk ontspannen.

  12. George Tzafolias


  13. Ria Pareyn

    werkt beter dan koffie, werkt langer, dus een aanrader !

  14. Ria Pareyn

    voel me hier wel fit door !

  15. Anoniem

    Echt zo top.. veel meer focus en energie

  16. Max Vandenbergh

    Zeer snelle en correcte levering!

  17. Leon K.

    Sehr guter Koffein-Ersatz. Wurde direkt zur täglichen Routine hinzugefügt. Von der stimmungsaufhellenden Wirkung spüre ich persönlich nichts.

  18. Anoniem


  19. Olivier

    Lekkere pump

  20. Bram V.

    Hard to notice effect

  21. Natalie A.

    Alleen hoofdpijn van dit poeder en niets anders. Tevergeefs heb ik alleen maar geld uitgegeven aan deze shit …

  22. Luis

    Buena calidad. Muy útil para deshabituarse de la cafeína

  23. Oliver


  24. Anoniem

    heel goede werking


    great product

  26. arno w.

    Geeft een lekkere roes

  27. K.

    Doet wat het moet doen. Na herhaaldelijk gebruik.

  28. Anonymous

    Very good for mood elevation.

  29. Sem

    The product was of very high quality of which I have not seen anywhere else in Europe for theobromine (pharmacy grade).
    The product comes with good instructions about dosing and a handy spatula for scoops.
    Overall the experience with it was great because it has the same effect as adderall on me without the anxiety and heart palpitations helping me study and compared to caffeine it’s not as jittery. I love it

  30. Daniel K.

    Das Theobrominewirkt sehr gut. (Hätte ich ehrlich nicht gedacht).
    Ähnliche Wirkung wie Kaffe auf die Konzentration, nur deutlich beruhigender und im allgemeinen länger spürbar. Einen Crash habe ich auch nicht gemerkt ,wobei ich Ihn bei Kaffe immer sehr stark merke.
    Klasse Produkt und sehr schnelle Lieferung.
    Bin sehr zufrieden.

  31. Anton

    Gives me calm, energy, and focus for a whole day.

  32. Anonymous

    High quality.

  33. Anoniem


  34. Paulius

    All good

  35. Tim

    Prettig effect dat ik herken van chocolade.

  36. Viktor

    het is geen kickstarter maar duurt wel lang. (bij mij)

  37. Anonymous

    It’s ok

  38. Christopher

    Fast delivery to Portugal, pure product, reasonable price.

    Will order again and explore the rest of the shop.

  39. Mireille

    geeft de energie die je nodig hebt om weer even door te kunnen gaan

  40. Adam

    Extremely good

  41. Anonymous

    Very good product! Oredering for the second time!

  42. Norbert Fekete

    Verry Nice!!!!

  43. Ingmar Helsmoortel

    Vlotte bestelling en levering. A++

  44. Jamie

    Just took about half a scoop and im in a good mood and want to do something constantly so it does do something and i think this stuff is pretty strong because right before i took it i had done an intence workout and was tired, now im not. Could still be placebo but i dont think so.

  45. Bartos

    Good quality product

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