Schisandra extract 5%

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Schisandra extract 5%

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What is Schisandra extract

Schisandra Chinensis is best known in traditional Chinese medicine. It was used for many physical and mental complaints. In Western culture you see the popularity of Schisandra increasing considerably in recent years and that is not for nothing. Because it is so widely applicable, it can make a positive contribution for everyone. The berries of the Schisandra Chinensis are full of healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The main active substances in this Schisandra extract are the lignans schizandrine A, B and C, gamma-schizandrine, schizandrol, schizanphenol, schizantherine D, wuweizisu C, gomisine AR, pregomisin and epigomisin, essential oils, the organic acids malonic acid, argoleic acid and fumaric acid, the triterpene nigranic acid, the vitamins A, C and E and some minerals. Our Schisandra extract contains 5% schisandrins, which is a very high concentration.

Why Schisandra extract

Schisandra works as an adaptogen, which ensures that the body can better adapt to stressful situations. It supports various processes in the brain and body. It can be used for its many healthy properties, but it can also be used by athletes because of several powerful properties that can help you achieve your goals. This Schisandra extract is very potent, as it is standardized to 5% schisandrines. These are the main active substances that are responsible for many powerful properties. In addition, it contains minerals and vitamins A, C and E which are very important for the body. It is very suitable for athletes, gamers, students or use it for physical and mental support. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to describe the exact effects, but there is enough information on the internet.


  • Non GMO
  • 5% schisandrines
  • Biological product
  • Contains no added substances
  • Can be used for various purposes
  • Source of various vitamins and minerals

Supplements facts

Suggested usage:
Take 1 – 2 servings daily. Take with 250 ml. water or juice.

Serving size:
The 1 cc scoop contains about 700 mg.


This is a nutritional supplement and not intended to replace a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep closed and store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children. Do not use during pregnancy or lactating. Do not exceed daily dosage.


Ingredients: Schisandra extract

Allergenes: Free from allergenes

Vegetarian: Suited for vegetarians and vegans.

5 reviews for Schisandra extract 5%

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  1. D.F.J. van der Veen

    Fijn product, zit nog in de test fase van dit middel.

  2. Anoniem


  3. Anoniem

    Blijft het goed doen na langdurig gebruik.

  4. K.

    Doet wat het moet doen.

  5. Anoniem


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