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Vegan L-Tyrosine

What is L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid and is one of the 20 natural building blocks of proteins. This amino acid is the precursor to various hormones and neurotransmitters such as thyroid hormones and Dopamine. The concentrations in the body are directly dependent on this and in case of a shortage, the body can’t function optimally. It is also the raw material of the pigment melanin, which is responsible for the skin and hair color. When the body cannot get enough Tyrosine from food, it needs Phenylalanine to produce Tyrosine. L-Tyrosine is absorbed through the small intestine and from there it is directly responsible for various bodily processes. From the liver it enters the bloodstream and is transported to the brain.

Why L-Tyrosine

We offer a vegan L-Tyrosine powder from a vegetable source. It is directly and indirectly involved in all life processes in all life forms. It is one of the 20 most important amino acids and is involved in all kinds of bodily processes. A tyrosine deficiency results in a low concentration of Dopamine and Norepinephrine. This has all kinds of adverse effects on the body and mood. The main determining factor for the production of neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and norepinephrine is the concentration of Tyrosine in the brain. L-Tyrosine is more difficult to dissolve in water than, for example, N Acetyl L-Tyrosine and is less likely to cross the blood brain barrier completely. Nevertheless, supplementation of regular L-Tyrosine powder has been found to be very suitable to increase the concentration in the body.


  • Vegan Tyrosine powder
  • Can be used for various purposes
  • Belongs to the 20 building blocks of proteins
  • Important for the production of neurotransmitters
  • Important for the production of various hormones

Supplement facts

Recommended usage:
Take 1 – 2 servings daily. Mix in 250 ml. or juice. Take on an empty stomach for the strongest results.

Serving size:
The 1 cc scoop contains about 700 mg.

When you start using supplements, first consult your doctor in case of medication use. Do not use during pregnancy or lactating.


Ingredients: L-Tyrosine

Allergenes: Free from allergenes

Vegetarian: Suited for vegetarians and vegans



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  1. Clari D.

    Prima werking!

  2. Anonymous

    Cheap and good

  3. Anoniem

    Goede aanvulling.

  4. Bram V.

    Top product

  5. Anoniem

    Jammer genoeg kreeg ik veel buikpijn van dit product. Het ligt volgens mij niet aan de poeder maar mijn lichaam. Mijn vriendin maakt er wel gebruik van sinds kort en heeft deze bijwerking niet

  6. Anoniem

    Goed, neutrale smaak, werkt goed.

  7. Ken

    0,5-1 g in the morning makes me more motivated and driven

  8. Anoniem

    Goede kwaliteit en prijsverhouding

  9. Clari D.

    Prima werking!

  10. Anoniem

    goed voor pre-workout.

  11. Sven

    Pure L-Tyrosine.

  12. Clari

    Zeer tevreden!

  13. Andy

    Zeker de moeite waard

  14. Niklas

    Top notch product quality!

  15. Anonymous


  16. Anonymous


  17. Anonymous

    Good quality Tyrosine, good product when you need a boost.

  18. Dries D.


  19. Clari

    Tevreden goeie aanvulling voor de gezondheid!

  20. Wouter


  21. Clari D.

    Zeer goed

  22. K.D

    Natuurlijke samenstelling.. tevreden over!

  23. Anoniem


  24. Anoniem

    Zeer tevreden

  25. Dennis

    good quality

  26. Anoniem

    Werkt prima

  27. Clari

    Goede producten

  28. Rob

    Goede poeders voor goeie prijs. Verzenden snel. Top ervaring

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