Synephrine HCL

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Synephrine HCL

What is Synephrine

Synephrine is a stimulating alkaloid, which is mainly found in citrus fruits. The most commonly used natural source for Synephrine is the fruit of the Citrus Aurantium. This is also known as Bitter Orange. It is mainly used in dietary supplements such as pre workouts or burners, but it also has medicinal properties. Today it is a popular alternative to the forbidden product Ephedrine. They both have the same properties and they act in the same way, except that Synephrine is less powerful than Ephedrine. It can be used for different purposes and offers support in achieving your goals. You can use it as a pre workout booster, during a cutting period, during studying or during gaming.

Why Synephrine

A lot of scientific research has been done on Synephrine and the different properties it has. This has shown that it has various effects on the body, from which athletes in particular can benefit. One of the most important properties is that it ensures an increased release of (nor) adrenaline. These neurotransmitters control different processes in the body. Increased adrenaline delivery can offer several benefits during exercise. This also has some valuable benefits, during a “cutting period”. Synephrine is one of the strong boosters and works synergistically with caffeine, so be aware of the stronger effects when combined with caffeine.


  • Pure product
  • Strong effects
  • Powerful properties
  • Comparable to Ephedrine
  • Safer alternative to Ephedrine
  • Can be used for various purposes

Dosing advice


Recommended usage:
We are only allowed to advise 1 serving of 25 mg. daily. Above 25 mg. it has a pharmacological effect and is not considered a dietary supplement anymore. Mix in 250 ml of water or fruit juice. Take on an empty stomach for the strongest effect.

The mini scoop contains about 5 mg. and 10 mg.

This is a nutritional supplement and not intended to replace a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed daily dosage. When you start using supplements, first consult your doctor in case of medication use. Do not use during pregnancy or lactating.


Ingredients: Synephrine HCL

Allergenes: Free from allergenes

Vegetarian: Suited for vegetarians and vegans



45 reviews for Synephrine HCL

  1. Ronald

    Prima spul! Geeft me een sterkere boost als de caffeine pillen die ik eerst altijd had

  2. Anonymous

    Good addition to my pre workout, scoop could be more precise.

  3. Abdias de Windt

    Goed product

  4. Anonymous

    Very nice quality!

  5. Anonymous

    Good product

  6. Coen v.

    Doet zijn werk

  7. lj de vos


  8. Kris


  9. Peter Veiler


  10. Anoniem

    Goede stim

  11. Florian

    good product

  12. Niek P.

    Prima product werkt echt super!

  13. M O.

    Topspul, helpt zeer goed voor afvallen. Totaal geen hongergevoel.

  14. Jeroen

    Zelf preworkout maken

  15. Francis D.

    prima product, implementeer ik vaak in een cut icm cafeïne. Duidelijk een meerwaarde vs cafeïne alleen.

  16. Anonymous

    Staat niet mis pwo

  17. MArk M.

    Werkt goed. Heb net wat meer focus.

  18. Nick Kaparinos

    I tried doses up to 500mg, didnt feel anything.

  19. Dennis

    Goed spul

  20. andres castellet


  21. Mitsuhiro Mikami

    Great quality

  22. Zeno Koutsocheras

    Doet wat het moet doen.

  23. Dries D.

    Steller de stel, goe gerief

  24. Bram V.

    First thing in the morning or mixed in my pre workout


    Excellent !!

  26. Anonymous

    Hard to say, if it did anything. But that’s what is expected.

  27. Oliver

    gives energy

  28. Haraldur


  29. Ken

    Gives me a good energy boost

  30. Eugene S.

    Fast as fuck, 10/10

  31. K.

    Doet wat het moet doen.

  32. Anonymous

    I feel like it works

  33. Roger De Coninck

    Zuiver spul! Goede kwaliteit.

  34. Anonymous

    fell nothing

  35. Jens Laeremans

    Goei spul

  36. Massimo

    Still tuning dosages and experimenting with different stacks, but pretty effective so far (cutting)

  37. Anoniem


  38. Anoniem


  39. Hoddan

    I maybe hurt my brain, accidently took like 200 doeses…. Was in bed for 48h and culd not move, lyckly my GF was supporting me…

  40. Hoddan

    shit my self..

  41. Paulius

    High Qualyti Product

  42. Sjaak

    netjes geleverd

  43. Anoniem

    Werkt goed

  44. Anoniem

    Ik val af alsof het niets is. Synephrine werkt. Het doet denk ik ook iets op cognitief vlak. Tolerantie bouwt denk ik wel op.

  45. Gunther

    Niks op aan te merken. Degelijk!

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Q: Hoi! Is dit hetzelfde als de Methyl Synephrine die jullie eerst hadden?
— Asked by Snorbaard on Monday April 3rd, 2017
A: Dit is niet hetzelfde product. Dit is de normale Synephrine en geen Methyl variant.
— http://sportadmin

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