Hell energy Kiwi-Kumquat

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Hell energy Nordic Turquoise

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Hell energy kiwi-kumquat

Hell energy kiwi-kumquat is one of this year’s new winter flavours. This is the Nordic Turquoise version and has a a unique flavour blend of kiwi and kumquat. The other winter flavour is Hell energy Nordic Red with a refreshing pomegrenate flavour

Drink the winter flavours ice cold or with a few ice cubes, to fully experience the ice cold nordic feeling. By the way, he also drinks very well at a winter campfire!

Hell energy promotes energy metabolism, helps with fatigue, contributes to the energy supply in the muscles, has a beneficial effect on protein metabolism, is good for learning and concentration and more.

Hell Energy kiwi-kumquat:

  • Pasteurized
  • Kiwi-kumquat flavour
  • 32 mg. / 100 ml. caffeine
  • Without any preservatives



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