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What is Fenugreek extract

Fenugreek extract is made from fenugreek seeds. These seeds have been widely used by the Egyptians and have had many strange properties. In recent centuries it has been mainly used in Chinese and Arab traditional medicine. The healthy and effective effect of Fenugreek has also been discovered by the Western world. Fenugreek seeds are full of traditional harvest. It contains high concentrations of various vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source for Choline, mucilages, alkaloids, flavanoids, coumarins and steroidal saponins. Many scientific studies have been done into the effect and present of Fenugreek. Besides the healthy and medicinal properties, it can also be a valuable product for athletes and especially for Bodybuilders.

Why Fenugreek extract

Due to the high concentrations of important and healthy nutrients, Fenugreek extract can be used for various purposes. It is mostly used for certain medicinal properties, but it is also a popular product among bodybuilders. We offer a powerful extract that is mainly aimed at the properties that may be of interest to adult men and bodybuilders. This Fenugreek extract contains a whopping 50% saponins, including steroidal saponins such as 4 Hydroxyisoleucine. It can support you in achieving your goals in various ways. It can be used during a “bulk” diet and during a “cut” diet. In addition, it also has a beneficial effect on the effect of Creatine. By combining these products, an even better result can be achieved. We also offer a combi deal, with an affordable price.


Fenugreek may have a positive effect on: *Appetite, *digestion, *maintenance of normal blood glucose, *muscle development.

*A lot of scientific research has been done into the effect of these ingredients and we only mention the possible effects that have clearly emerged from these studies. However, these claims are still being processed by EFSA.


  • 50% saponins
  • Natural product
  • Contains no added substances
  • Can be used for different purposes
  • Favorable effect on the effect of Creatine
  • Helps you achieve your goals in various ways
  • Contains high concentrations of important nutrients

Supplement facts

Suggested usage:
Take 1 – 2 servings a day. Mix with 250 ml. water or juice and take with a meal.

Serving size:
The 0.625 cc scoop contains about 400 mg.

Free from allergenes.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

This is a nutritional supplement and not intended to replace a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed daily dosage. When you start using supplements, first consult your doctor in case of medication use. Do not use during pregnancy or lactating.


Ingredients: Fenugreek extract

Allergens: Free from allergens

Vegetarian: Suitable for vegetarians and vegans



18 reviews for Fenugreek extract

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  1. Jersey

    snelle levering en mooie verpakking. Na een tijdje niks gedaan te hebben vanwege blessures nu weer begonnen met trainen. Kon wel wat extra hulp gebruiken en heb wel het idee dat dit werkt. Ben gelukkig weer snel op me oude niveau

  2. Anonymous

    One of my favourite supplements. And you can feel the difference almost from day 1.

  3. Mike

    goede werking bij creatine

  4. Anonymous

    perfect , i got the feeling it makes me horny lol

  5. Benjamin L.

    Taste is great

  6. jeff

    Top kwaliteit! Zeer tevreden!

  7. Anonymous

    Riecht sehr kräftig nach Bockshornklee, sogar durch die Verpackung. Was stark riecht, wirkt wohl auch stark ;-).

  8. Michiel Mortier

    Goede kwaliteit denk ik! Nog niks gemerkt hiervoor, maar toen was het ook fenegriek maar dan zonder extract

    • sportadmin

      De meeste fenegriek producten op de markt zijn inderdaad een normaal fenegriek poeder, van gemalen zaden. Dit krachtige extract is niet te vergelijken met fenegriek poeder.

  9. Olivier

    Lekker bitter, merk presies al verschil na paar dagen nemen

  10. Michiel M.

    Goede prijs voor de kwaliteit

  11. Robbert

    Gebruik het kort om er iets van de werking te zeggen.
    Prima spul. Sterkte smaak

  12. arno w.

    Zeer gezond spul voor meerdere doeleinden.. lekker sterke smaak

  13. Anoniem

    Goed mooi resultaat

  14. Mike

    geen merkbaar verschil na een maand

  15. Eugene S.


  16. Cisse V.

    Good product!

  17. Andrew B.

    Good delivery

  18. Raoul

    Great Quality ( Taste not so much but thats to be expected ;P )

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