Phenibut alternatives

Phenibut was a versatile product, which many people found the ideal supplement. But really like anything that works well… it can no longer be sold.

Fortunately, there are many other products that have certain effects and properties that can be used as a suitable alternative to Phenibut. We also understand that the effect of our Phenibut was very good and that unfortunately there are no alternatives available that work exactly the same or have the same strength. However, we believe that for certain properties and effects of Phenibut, other alternatives are available that may help you.

Most people used Phenibut for a better and deeper sleep, for more relaxation or to counteract certain fears and tensions. We have quite a few products in our range that can help with this. There is only one major disadvantage, because we are not allowed to specifically name these effects with the products. These are so-called health claims and we are not allowed to mention this with most products. Fortunately, you can do a little research on the internet and there you can find enough information about these products and how they work. We will at least help you a little and point you in the right direction 😉

The main effect of Phenibut was to increase the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain. GABA has an inhibitory effect on overactive neurons in the brain and ensures more balance between the neurons. This gives GABA a relaxing and calming effect, which is responsible for the powerful effect of Phenibut. We also have GABA as a separate supplement, but it does not cross the blood/brain barrier as well as Phenibut. This makes the effects a lot milder and has a shorter effect. However, according to some researchers, this is not so important, because it does appear to affect other parts of the nervous system. This allows it to still be an effective product.

We have some products that make it easier for GABA to cross this blood/brain barrier. These are the products L-Citrulline Malate and Lemon Balm extract. So these combinations can be a suitable alternative to try!


GABA BoosterGABA booster







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Lemon balm extractcitroenmelisse extract


Ashwagandha KSM-66Ashwagandha extract





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