Do you want to know more about the advantages of making your own pre workout?

Supplements contain many added substances such as sugars, dyes, flavorings and preservatives. Not everyone can tolerate these substances or have other reasons why they prefer not to get these substances inside. There are no pre-workout supplements for sale, where these substances are not processed. Because we only sell pure supplements, you can easily make a pre-workout yourself!Most pre-workout formulas contain low doses of ingredients or ingredients that are not proven effective. You often see a large amount of ingredients on the label and this looks very impressive. But for proper operation, the correct dosages must be used! The legislation also plays a role here, because only low (not effective) doses may be recommended and used for some ingredients. These ingredients also have a medical effect and to protect the pharmaceutical companies, it is made impossible to trade them on the free market with suitable dosages.Pre workout supplements nowadays almost all contain the same ingredients and there are few products that jump out. This is mainly due to the legislation that makes it very difficult to put together and sell formulas. As a private individual you do not suffer from this and you can make the choices you want yourself.When you buy the supplements in bulk, you also save a lot of money and every dose becomes a lot cheaper!Often, users of pre-workout supplements take a larger dose than what is advised. This then provides a better effect, but this also makes your pre-workout supplement a lot more expensive. Usually it is calculated on 30 doses, but now you only get 20 doses. Each dose is much more expensive now and it was not as cheap as you thought.

As you can see, it can also be useful for you to make your own pre-workout!

Of course you do need some knowledge and information about the supplements in order to put together a suitable formula for your own pre-workout. The legislation unfortunately makes it impossible to provide information about the effects and effect of supplements. You can find the dosage advice for the products under the heading “supplement facts”. We are not allowed to recommend suitable doses for certain supplements, and this is especially the case with stimulant products in the stim boosters category. Not everyone responds well to these kinds of supplements and so we have to be careful with this. You know about yourself whether you like stimulants or not. If you can handle them, check the internet for dosage advice or send us an email for more information.On the internet there is sufficient reliable information about dosages and the effect of supplements. Just pay attention here, that this information is supported by scientific research. This may sound difficult, but this is often made clear by placing links to these studies. When you see that the text is based on research, you can assume that the information is reliable.We understand well that not everyone wants to search for information on the internet, if you do not have certain knowledge about the supplements. Send us an e-mail with your questions and we will answer them.

To make things easier, we have already put together a “pre-workout deal” consisting of 4 supplements, which form a strong basis for every pre-workout formula.

* If you are going to make a pre-workout yourself, it is advisable to weigh the ingredients with a scale. We have a small but qualitative digital scale